Travel Packing a list of things you shouldn’t miss!

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While it is important to pack smart, what is more important, is to ensure that you pack everything you need for your travels. In order not to experience any form of setbacks on your journey, make sure you prepare your entire packing list before you jet out.

Some packing lists that should be of priority to you for your travels are those materials: that will give you comfort and convenience. These sorts of travel lists along with those that serve more than one purpose must not be left behind. Another critical factor to consider when making a packing list for your travels is to pack what you can carry without a struggle, especially if you are alone.

Only pack the necessities for your travel!


Your choice of bags is essential when you are traveling. Many people prefer their luggage lightweight, versatile and being able to hold all the materials they need. We agree with them on this. There are varieties of luggage, so choose carefully the one that fits your travel. Some typical examples are rolling luggage, travel backpack, 4-wheels, duffel bag, wheeled backpack, and carry-ons.


Most people streamline their activities to tiny and important ones when they travel. This is in a bid to avoid packing a lot of things for their journey. Through the use of packing organizers, this problem can be solved. When there are layers of materials that you need for your trip, packing organizers comes handy.

All your clothes and other materials can be packed in a packing cube, compression sack, cubes or folders and you don’t have to worry about the location of any of them. Packing organizer makes your packing compact and well organized.

Here are some travel basics you can use it for: lightweight clothes, long-sleeved shirts, jacket, sweaters, t-shirts, belt, socks, pajamas, underwear, sunglasses, jewelry and so on.

Toiletry Bag

Make sure your toiletry packing list is light and travel compliant. Only carry items such as gels, liquids, aerosols, creams, pastes and so on. Check the internet to get the full list for all TSA compliant toiletries you can take along for your journey.

If you have a personal toiletry bag or case, here are some of the basic things you need inside them: toothbrush, paste, floss, mouthwash, hairbrush, deodorant, shampoo, make up pack, sunscreen, face lotion and so on

Do not forget other extras like perfume, shaving kit, detergent, clothesline, and travel towel.

Health Packs

To enjoy every bit of your travel, you must be in good health. Therefore, it is germane that you take travel vaccines and carry along your medicines when traveling. These are some travel advice information that one must be acquainted with.

Examples of health packs for your travels are first aid kit, personal prescriptions, fever and pain relievers, thermometers, multivitamins, eye drop, allergy medicines, cold medicines, etc.

Travel documents and other essentials (credit cards or cash)

Ensure that you have all your travel documents in one place. If you can get a wallet or an organizer for them, that’s even better! This will make sure that any document you need is available to you in one single place; with no stress.

Some of these travel documents and essentials are passport or visa, ID card, credit card, cash, travel insurance information, health insurance card, emergency contacts, guide book, hotel or tour contact information, transport tickets, etc.

Travel security

Keep your belongings and personal stuff safe when you travel. Some of the safety measures to carry out are to keep your valuables stashed under your clothes and use lock luggage. Beware of pickpockets and avoid risk areas.

Some other security essentials for your travels are neck wallet, money belt, leg wallet, luggage travel lock, headlamp or mini flashlight.

So that’s it. What do you think we miss?

We wish you the best of travels!

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