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The moment we step out on our own and start to lead our life on our terms, we might actually learn a few things. Of the things we might learn, managing money and finances is a big one.

Our parents might suggest us that back in their days, they used to write down the cash in hand or bank and expenses and keep tabs the old-school way. But today, who has the time or the patience? So, in the smart age of smartphones, apps are here to help. Let us check out for the smartest apps that help us to manage our finances better.

  1. Mint: Mint is one of the apps that work both on Android and on IOS phones. So, besides giving you many value-add features, it gives you suggestions on the bills to pay and help you get an idea about your credit score too. This is why it has become a great money-saving app. Yes, the app will have ads of financial institutions, policies and credit cards popping up now and then, but then these would only help the users to know where and how to save money. The app is ideal for budgeting. The Mint is quite popular already in the market, and the flip side is that it has a separate section for just promotions and these ads.
  2. Clarity Money: The app of Clarity Money is only available in IOS phones. Still, it has great clarity in its design. There are spending trackers that allow the users to view their monthly or weekly expenses. This would be in a statistical mode with you getting a clear chart view of the expenses as per the different categories.
  3. Credit Karma: This is an app that helps the users to know their credit score so that they can go ahead and make a big purchase. So, it will show you the credit score that you get and even find out if you owe any taxes and can manage the loans or buy a new house. The Credit Karma is a great option and goes one-step ahead of the banks is also showing you the credit score.
  4. Digit: If there was a money saving-app that would allow you not to spend when your bills are overdue, then it has to be Digit. From 2015, the app has been working for the benefit of giving people clarity regarding the savings they have been making daily. This would help those who wish to know the exact penny-wise savings.
  5. Venmo: This is a hip money splitting app that helps people to split the bills or even manage money. It is useful for the young people who wish to share their bills with their friends or roommates. This is why it has gained fame since transferring money is just so easy with the app.

Clearly, all these apps are helpful as per the reviews of the users who are actively using these apps to pay off their bills, save money, and work better.

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