Improve Your Walking Routine to Shed Extra Calories

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One of the top reasons why people workout is to burn excess calories. Of all the cardio workouts available, walking does a pretty decent job in helping you shed extra fat from your body. However, you can still tweak your walking technique to burn more calories.

Enter pole-walking. With walking poles, you can reap more health benefits without having to walk at a faster rate. Moreover, trekking poles help exercise your upper body muscles, these are your arms, chest, shoulders, and abs.

Another additional advantage of walking with poles is that they also improve your stability, especially when you’re trekking over uneven surfaces.

Without further ado, here are some ways walking poles make your walking routine more efficient.

Improve Your Routine Without Adding Extra Intensity

Senior citizens and people struggling with obesity can have a challenge in increasing their walking intensity due to weak joints. However, with walking poles, they will use more energy, meaning they are burning extra calories without straining their joints/muscles.

While using walking poles, you will still cover the same distance as you normally do and at your preferred pace. Recent studies show that walking poles can help boost muscle strength, stability, and flexibility for people of all age groups.

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Different Pole Walking Styles

There are two different pole walking styles, namely the Exerstrider style and the Nordic style.

Exerstrider Style

With this technique, the focus is narrowed in on how you plant the pole during your walk. The proper form involves having your elbows tucked in close to your body and the poles lodged in front of you.

When planting your poles, they’ll be much straighter, unlike when using the Nordic technique.

Nordic Style

Herein, the walking poles are dug in at an angle behind you. You will then push off and replant them. Your elbows will be a little bit raised for better leverage and less stress on your wrists. The Nordic technique makes it easier for you to push yourself forward.

What Difference Do Walking Poles Bring?

As discussed beforehand, walking with poles works extra muscles in your upper body. Some of the muscles used during movement are triceps, biceps, chest, and shoulders. Additionally, your core muscles are also put to task when generating energy to push you forward.

Conclusion: Nordic vs. Exerstrider

Both techniques offer a decent workout. However, to pick one, you’ll have to try all of them first before settling on the one you enjoy the most. The Nordic technique can come in handy for snow hiking.

On the other hand, exerstrider walking poles can be used on different terrains for improved stability and balance. If you are a newbie to pole walking, take your time to get to grips with the proper form first.

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