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Metabolism which we know as the chemical reactions in our body that keeps it functioning, and when considering weight lost boosting your metabolism will yield a faster and more efficient result. There are many activities we can do out there to help boost our metabolism. These basically involves exercise and having a healthy diet plan. So basically in order to boost your metabolism, you have to fix your mind on staying to the course, because your mindset has to be ready for the transformation. A lot of people start on a good track but fail to go through with it and in most cases takes them back to where they started. Those that stay to the course always get their end results. Here are some of the activities we can keep up to in order to boost our metabolism.

  1. Do extreme workout that will keep your rate, whether you are swimming or walking or even running, increase your speed before coming back to your normal rate do more skipping, more squats with little break between, which will make the work intense. The extra effort brings about extra results.
  2. Drink more water which will aid in boosting your metabolism especially the cold water Instead of buying that soft drinks with extra calories, that will increase your calories and make your efforts look like are not striving hard.

3. Include spicy foods in your diets that is hot pepper, olive, ginger and garlic and also seafood, lean meat, chicken breast turkey breast etc.

4. Take green tea which most weight loss researchers have advised their clients to consume. Those who take green tea are more likely to lose weight than those who do not take it at all, as it contains a compound called the Catechin, which increases the rate of metabolism. You can simply take metabolism supplements like vitamin D.

5. Do not skip on breakfast which is an important meal of the day, and give the body a kick start for the activities that will follow.

6. Rather than having three large meals we could break it down make it five or six less meals, so you do not get to feel all heavy after having a meal.

7. Pick up something heavy. A little weight lifting will not hurt you rather it will help you get some muscle and will make you achieve more results even fast.

8. Do not skip your sleep, the body actually needs rest. Tiredness and fatigue will slow down your metabolism.

9. Reduce the Trans fats intake, substitute them with fruits because they create insulin resistance , which slows the rate of metabolism, and could subsequently lead to weight gain.

10. Incorporate more proteins in your meal because the body system digests proteins slower than fat and carbs which then gives the metabolism a push. Drink more milk to avoid it’s deficiency that may lead to decrease in metabolism rate.

Bonus! Do not sit in one position for a long time, cultivate the habit of moving around and standing when you necessary.

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