Decorating A Cramped/Small Apartment: 7 Tips

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Every house needs to be given a great and perfect interior design to make it sophisticated and elegant. Most designs appear to be well suited for a larger apartment rather than a small one, however, cramped apartments also can be made good looking if the available spaces are taken advantage of and given a minimal but stylish decoration.

In this article, I have personally considered different designs for apartments interior and I have selected those which will best fit a small apartment. So if you own a small apartment or you are planning of getting one and don’t know which designs to include, then ease yourself of your thought or worries and take a bit of your time to read through this article which contains a list of suggested best designs.


  1. Make use of bright overhead light. In a small apartment, the first thing to pit into consideration is the lighting. The brighter the room the spacious it will appear to be. So, always make of bright and clear overhead lights.

2. Make use of furniture with storage. One thing that a cramp apartment lacks is space. Therefore you have to take advantage of every space available. To do this, you need to create more storage spaces for yourself by using furniture that have such attribute. In your bedroom, make use of a bed rack that possess storage spaces. In the living room, also make use of furniture that offer creative storage solutions. These will keep the apartment well-tidied.

3. Use bright, neutral colors. When a room is dark, it looks juxtaposed. To make your small apartment look open and free, make use of bright, neutral paint colors lime white, grey, cream and other related ones.

4Allow your apartment interior to be filled with the day light. Nothing else can be compared with the brightness of the day. It produces white light which gives a clear view of the room. Ensure your apartment if filled with the day light for a clear view.

5. Consider placing mirrors in strategic positions. A mirror create optical illusions and tends to bring a larger view of an apartment if placed in strategic positions of the room. The illusions created also gives a clear view of the room.

6. Save more space with corner shelves. The corners also can do the beautifying. Make use of well designed and painted corner shelves to create space for flowers and the likes.

 7. Lastly, make use of wall racks and square cabinets in the kitchen. This helps save space.

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