Best Savings Accounts Online!

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Do you want to have an online saving account to save money at home but couldn’t find the best one? If yes then this article is for you. Below are some of the top saving accounts that you can enjoy online.

  1. Chase Bank:
    Getting an online saving account with this bank is one of the best decisions as it is a major bank for physical areas with several ATMs as well as branches. While they don’t have a really impressive interest rate, they do provide some amazing bonuses for new customers on signing up. New customers can get up to $350 bonus by choosing this bank for their online saving account.

  2. CIT Bank Savings:
    In the event that you are searching for a bank to simply store some of your cash for a small period of time then choosing CIT Bank is best. CIT also provides high-interest rates due to which it is chosen by many people out there who want to save money online. However, along with high rate of interest, they likewise offer a reward for clients that have more than $25,000 in their account, which other online saving accounts doesn’t really offer. So, choosing CIT bank is an amazing decision if you want high interest rates.
  3. Ally Bank:
    While all other banks charge different fees on the bank balance, this bank is the kind of bank that doesn’t even have minimum balance requirement. There is no balance fee and a person can even open an online saving account with $1 to save money from home With easy to access feature and amazing management, the user interference of this bank is great as the customers can easily transfer funds from one bank to another.
  4. Discover Bank:
    This bank was established just a few years ago. Their rates are quite good as compare with other online items, so it is certainly a bank to add into the list of some best savings account to save money online. The interest rates offered by this bank are amazing. However, the minimum amount of cash required to open an online saving account if $500. Once the account is opened, there is no need to worry even if the account balance gets lower than $500. There are no additional fees or charges on low account balance.

  5. Everbank:
    If you really want to have an online account to just save your money for many years then this bank is best as it offers some best one-year interest rates. As of now they are offering 1.11% interest rate for the 1st year. With a small deposit of $25 initially, you can avoid the bank fees that are charged to the accounts having below $25.

So, there were some of the best savings accounts online. You can choose any one of them and enjoy savings with amazing interest rates.


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