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Every woman is beautiful in her own way but others are considered more beauty based on their outward appearance. A simple mind sees a woman as beauty when she is wearing the right clothes putting on the right make up and even when she is having a perfect body.

            Lately women are more concerned with how the look on the outside, most women want to be forever young using all sorts of chemicals even surgeries to maintain the youthful look that is the perfect figure, the soft and beautiful hair the firm and glowing skin to be desirable. All these are great the make the woman beautiful on the outside also some women  get to achieve such by  living a healthy lifestyle which includes a nutritious diet plan and a great workout routine . Some go out of their way to see the wear the best.

            All of these are not bad because she should be in touch with her feminine side and not in a way that will get her unwanted attention. The truth is that not every woman has that perfect shape, long hair or even perfect face but the good news is that those are not the only measures to say if a woman is beautiful or not even just on the outside. All those features are outer beauty but not the complete beauty because that is just been fixed on one  part of the beauty  rather than whole package.

The inner beauty is a great and attractive quality of a woman because it lies on her character. A beautiful woman on the inside has a beautiful heart she is kind to people around she is modest and knows the value of treating people right and more selfless in her actions.

The beauty of a woman is in her strength and her passion for the things that are right. The way she carries herself not talking about ego but confidence that no matter how old, fair, dark ,slim or fat she looks she is most definitely beautiful a woman. This inner beauty brings about the added beauty that will not fade.

Beauty cannot be defined by just one thing like her style or body type or fashion taste it comprises of so much more than just picking out one to define our looks. True beauty lies in the combination of both the beauty on the inner and outward appearance. The beauty of a woman lies in her greatness, where she projects to be that is,  whether she is going to be a pretty face or the face that smile and it spreads around because of what her heart signifies.  A woman should strive for both the outer and inner beauty, that is the beauty that can stand the test of time, not just the beauty that can fade with time. Where she can boldly wear confidence as her dress and her best make up will be her smile


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