Apps that Rocks Best for your Travel

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The ability to travel with ease and enjoy some of the world’s treasure is a thing of beauty. While the idea of traveling seems like a simple plan, if it is not adequately planned, you might hate yourself. Some of the things to take proper care of before jetting off for holidays, honeymoons or business trips are your budget, booking, currency exchange and other logistics.

To ease the task of planning your travels or make your trip the perfect one, there are apps one can use. These apps handle most of your logistical planning and aid you when you finally arrive at your destination. The below are top of the apps that will make your life easier on your next travel:


Money, if not the most critical factor, is one of the most important factors for your travels. Therefore, all hands must be on deck to plan your budgeting before you travel. One of the best apps to handle your travel budgeting is Spent.

Available to both iPhone and Android users, this app handles receipt scanning, account tracking and also has some specific folders for your travel use. A significant advantage of using this app is that there is a reward for using some brands as well as making some travel-related purchases. Don’t just spend money on your travels; also make some along the way.

Pack Point

Packing and schedules are one of the headaches travelers have to deal with. If you need to pack a lot and make long lists of itineraries, Pack Point is the best app for this purpose. Mobile users of both iPhone and Android can set dates and activities for their trip, while the application creates an automatic packing list for them.

When it is about what to wear on your business meeting or adventures when you travel, do not worry as Pack Point is there to make you an automatic pack list.


While traveling time is spending time, we have to be frugal about it. With Skiplagged application, travelers can get cheap flights. This app uses unconventional methods to map your traveling and come up with a saving plan for your trips.

 Imagine this, instead of taking a costly straight flight to your destination; you take like two or three cheaper flights. This is a dicey way to cut costs and save some on your travels. The app is available to both iPhone and Android users.

Hotel Tonight

This app links you up with some of the best hotels in the world that offer their room up for a discount for night stays. While you can’t book a hotel room in advance, you have the option to score some discount deals and have an overnight stay in some popular hotels around the universe. Enjoy a night of luxury while saving a lot of money using Hotel Night.

Google Translate

Google has been saving our lives for ages, and they are not about to bail out on us. If you are in an unfamiliar country for travels, you can use the Google Translate app for some of your everyday use.  Use your phone camera to snap street signs or restaurant menus in other languages and get it translated.

You can also listen to locals through your phone microphone and get it translated. There is one of those high schools languages that we fail to have a grasp of; this is where Google Translate comes handy.

XE Currency

A currency calculator is a handy tool for every traveler. The dynamism in world currencies makes this necessary. With the XE currency, you can get the amount of the local money worth in your currency. This helps us not to overspend on irrelevancies. Available on both Android and Apple platform, this app works real time.

Other notable apps worth mentioning are Uber, Whatsapp, Citymapper, Wi-Fi map, Flush and so on. Which one do you use on your travels?

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