Amazing Places for your Amazing Honeymoon Travel

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A honeymoon is once in a lifetime experience for newlyweds; therefore, the trip has to be well planned to have a fantastic time. While you might go for more and wilder trips later in life with your growing family, the first post-wedding getaway as a couple has to be an epic one.

Apart from being a bonding time, the honeymoon experience relieves you of all the wedding stress that you might have gone through. This first step in your marriage life sets the tone for more adventures with your partner. Hence, both of you must select the right destination for memories that will last a lifetime.

The below are the top destinations in the world for your honeymoon. Where you can eat daring foods, have the best of wines, lie on the beach or experience different adventures of a city.


With all the resorts on this Island competing yearly, newlyweds usually have headaches selecting which to give them opulence and romantic experience they crave. Do you imagine yourself sipping a martini on a boat or water villa? The Maldives is the right destination for you.

There are different joints to satisfy your romantic desire and give a lasting memory. Is it the wooden suite at the middle of the sea, or a private sandbank for you and your wife? Anything you desire in a perfect honeymoon is available on this Island.

Best places to visit: Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru, Gili Lankanfushi, Soneva Fushi and more.


If you desire something exotic coupled with a bit of fantasy, then this Polynesian Island should be your next destination for your honeymoon. Blessed with beaches, waterfalls and blue lagoons, this castaway Island is one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world.

In Fiji, nature is king. Majority of the Islands have been turned into private exotic resorts that offer luxury and lodges for honeymooners. The locals warmly welcome tourists with hibiscus flowers and if you have ever thought of swimming with rainbow colored fishes, then look no further than some of the best resorts Fiji has to offer.

Attraction joints: The Wakaya club and SPA, Likuliku lagoon resort and more


It is unexplainable, but something is captivating about Greece. This beautiful country with its myriad of Islands offers you the whole Greek experience: a rich history and mythology. Talk of the church domes, the cottages built on rock or the blue sea, Greece has a lot to offer as a honeymoon destination.

The Islands with the typical god-like name has a lot of distinct characters. One of the best around is Santorini. A photogenic Island with everything sparkling white, this is one of the choice destinations for honeymooners that wants to experience luxury and exotic lifestyle. It is not surprising that this Island is popular with its natural amphitheater, steep hillsides, view of the volcano and deep blue sea.

Other places worth visiting: Kinsterna hotel and SPA, Villa Iriti and more


The Indian Ocean Island is the ultimate fantasy destination for newlyweds. This beautiful, paradise-like Island has palm-fringed beaches with romantic wilderness. Seychelles Islands offers a lot of adventures with his wildlife, forest, and coral reefs.

If money is not a problem for you, the luxurious hotels and resorts on this private Islands have one of the best experience to offer her visitors. From the beautiful scenery, excellent cuisine and romantic joints, you are on your way to get your money worth; and a lasting memory.

Some of the significant Islands are: do not disturb (North Island), barefoot glam, Denis Island and more.


If you want to experience something different for a honeymoon, Alaska offers some of the most beautiful works of Mother Nature. Alaska beaches are windy and icy unlike others; adventurous couples have available to them the Mountain View, Glacier Bay National Park and other wildlife sightings for their pleasure. There are humpback whales, bears and other animals around this area. Hotel Captain Cook offers pleasant accommodation and excellent cuisine.  

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