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My name is Joy and I live in Sacramento, California.

I started SavePennyHome blog because of my love for my best pal Pitbull dog, we named Penny. My idea to write blogs about saving money home came from our beautiful story which I will be glad to share with you and get our readers inspired!

My wife and I lived our lives from paycheck to paycheck as we barely save money and we pretty much love doing things that we enjoy every payday. We love keeping up with the trend of the new technologies, going to casinos to play, eating out to new buffets and go to movies. We basically squandered and rarely saved money. Bills piled up and so we worked harder and did more over time. We paid for our gym but rarely used it because we were exhausted from our work.
PennyUntil one fine day, we decided to downsize our home, we have our house rented. One beautiful day, we were looking to search for a new home around Downtown of Marysville, we saw two old ladies sitting around the bench by the corner of the street with a huge box filled with puppies. I asked them if they are selling them and they said they are giving them away for adoption in exchange of $10 for what they paid for de-worming. When she lifted one puppy up in the air to show me, the puppy stared at me like “please bring me home” and so I did! What a beautiful gift, indeed!
Six months later, our lives completely changed as we started giving attention to our new baby. We showered her with so much love and gave her a name “Penny”. We rarely go out as we’d rather spend more of our time playing, and watching movies at home with her. It was such a relief that we no longer pay for the gym as we now walk together every night as our form of exercise. Saving money has become our priority and in soon time we can adopt more puppies.

SavePennyHome exist to help inspire our readers to live a frugal life and a very inspired lifestyle, a great source of informational posts for daily living.

Welcome to SavePennyHome, we’re pleased you stopped by and we hope you were inspired that you did!

Joy & Penny

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