6 Family Money Saving Methods

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As individuals, we have families of our own and therefore run the activities of our families differently. All families have their own issues which they attend to using different strategies, but one common problem which every family tend to have in common is the issue of money spending. Every family wants to be able to meet their needs and still be able to save their money, but there are some things we do which are refraining us from being able to save. To be able to take charge of your family expenses and be able to start saving money for your family, below are few steps to take.

  1. Plan your shopping ahead

One thing that a family can not do without doing is shopping. It is impossible to do away with it and that is why it is necessary for all family to plan their shopping ahead. Make a list of what is mostly important and make a reasonable budget for the list which you have created. Next, follow step 2 below

  1. Shop with your cash or debit card

After creating your list and your budget, the next is to go for the shopping. What most families do is that they go shopping with their credit card, this is bad. Doing so, you tend to spend more than your already made budget. Since a credit card makes you to spend more than you have and you don’t want to spend more, then go shopping with your cash or your debit card. Only this way, you can save while shopping.


  1. Buy from thrift or discount stores

As a family, you can save money from the things you buy. Since a family will always buy at large quantity, you can save money by buying from stores that offers thrifts or discounts. These discounts will be removed over every thing you buy causing you to spend less than your budget and making you to be able to save more.

  1. Sell what you no longer need

This is inevitable, as a family, we all have things which we no longer need. Then why continue spending money on these things instead of selling them. Take advantage, leverage money into your savings, sell material things you no longer need.

  1. Never fly when you can drive

All families go for traveling either for holiday, visit or tour. In most cases, we love traveling by air instead of going by land. In doing this, we are inputting more money to traveling instead of saving it. Whenever we have a long distance to go and you can drive such a distance, endeavor to drive there instead of going by air. Save more money, drive instead of flying. 

  1. Leverage money, take advantage of gift cards

Many companies, stores, shops and supermarkets offer gift cards. With this cards, you can save more money by taking advantage of them. With gift cards, you get to be able to spend less than your already made budget. Some gifts cards include Amazon gift card, iTunes gift card, PayPal gift card, and many more.


Now that you have read and have known these tips for saving money for your family, why not start leveraging money, take advantage today, put these steps into actions.

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