5 discounts you could get as a senior

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As a senior, you’ve virtually done everything the society requires of you. Talk about working your ass off for years, being accountable or follow every rule in the book. There is no doubt you’ve paid your dues, and it is time to claim some discounts you deserve. While there are a whole lot of discounts available to seniors, many are not aware of this. We are glad to share some of the industries that offer discounts to seniors, so merely ask on your next shopping and save money.

Save up to $3500 annually on mortgage

Shelter is one of the necessities of life. As a senior that has worked and collected housing loan over the years, it is time to negotiate your way and be able to save up to 291 dollars monthly on your mortgage. Many seniors are not aware of this program that was created during the Obama administration. With this program, home refinancing will be a lot easier for middle-class seniors.

Combine all your debts into one simple payment

It is not strange to see seniors accumulate debts from different places over the years. The struggle with debts becomes more evident over the years as they near retirement. Fixed income becomes insufficient as millions of these seniors struggles with deficits. What if there is a way to reduce your debt by 50% and make a one-time low payment monthly? I can hear most seniors scream YES!!! Some have been able to settle their debts and save for the future.

See if you qualify for free Medicare rate quotes

As we grow older, we need to take more care of our health. Due to the premium attached to most Medicare plans, many seniors run away from it. Medicareplan.com is one of the good ones around and is readily available in your area for any Medicare or Medicare Supplement Insurance plans you might need. They offer different types of plans for health insurance companies for free. Yes, FREE. While they also have premium services, they are affordable than most out there.


Free cable service: All thanks to Cord-Cutting Explode

Are you a family man that cannot do without monthly subscription for your cable service? Add that to all the expenses for buying a receiver, expensive smart TVs, Apple TVs or firesticks, and you realize how much you have to spend monthly. But with this piece of hardware, you and your family can watch movies and TV without paying for monthly subscriptions again. If you are looking for something simple and cheap when it comes to your cable service, look no further.

How much would you like to save on life insurance?

The cost of your life insurance can slow you down over time. One of the surest ways to get the best deal is to compare the ones out there. Many seniors can find the task daunting when it comes to finding genuine life insurance companies that cater to them. Assurance is new and guarantees approval up to 85 years. What gave them another edge over the competitions is that you don’t require any medical exam. Save up to 75% on your life insurance through Assurance.

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