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Nowadays, a lot of people wants to save money get free domains rather than paying for one. If you are one of those people, then this article is for you as it contains top 10 sites that offer you free domains. So, scroll down and check them out.

  1. Blogger:
    This is the Google’s most popular hosted blog service that provides free blog domains. Anyone can easily post articles related to any category they want along with the photos or videos. The domain is completely free and comes with a lot of interesting features.
  2. GitHub Pages:
    GitHub Pages is a site that is basically for the developers as the static pages are hosted by this site by pushing files to a GitHub repository. It is a free and one of the best sites if you want to register free domains and make money online.
  3. io:
    In order to get a free domain registered by the help of Postach.io, user has to simply select an “Evernote” notebook and add a domain. After adding the domain, user can then tag notes as “published” in order to share on the blog.
  4. Jurnid:
    This online site is basically a self publishing platform especially for journalism students, journalists as well as brands in order to collaborate. Anyone can easily create a free profile get a domain and publish articles.
  5. DotFree:
    This site is completely a free site that offers .free domains for of course free. Anyone can easily work from home on it.
  6. TipDots:
    Tipdots actually offers domain names that ends with .tp extension. Anyone can get theirs by visiting their site and seeing what they are offering.
  7. SmartDots:
    This is another free domain offering sire that offers free web hosting as well as the domain name. This amazing site also offers DNS management along with the URL cloaking, Path forwarding URL forwarding, and more.
  8. nf:
    You can save money & get free domains from “Biz.nf” which is a web hosting provider. It is also offering .co.nf domain extension.
  9. Unonic:
    Unonic is a wonderful site that offers free domain name registration and anyone can easily get free domains that end with .tf extension.
  10. Pn:
    Such domain names are basically for personal blogs or websites as pn here is actually “Personal Network”. So, you can get a personal site as these domains are generally used as personal websites.

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